Team Cinderella has been sent into Russia to "fake" an assassination of a Russian Deputy Minister, in order to cover up the fact of his defection to the United States. They accomplish the mission, but then are compromised during their own escape and captured. They are quickly disavowed by the US Secretary of State, and sentenced to a public execution in Red Square only a week hence. Noah, at Neil's urging, convinces Allison to let Team Camelot put together a fast rescue mission, but complications require Noah and Marco to break into Lefortovo Prison, where they are also captured. Also disavowed, Noah and the rest seem to be doomed, but Sarah and Neil defy orders to launch a rescue mission of their own. Desperate for help that is refused by E & &, Sarah reaches out to the one person she swore she would never trust: Monique, the former mole who once arranged for her capture and torture at the hands of the Chinese. It's a race against time and seemingly impossible odds, with no way to predict what may happen next.